John Rawling (born in Sheffield in 1957) is a sports commentator best known for his coverage of numerous boxing events.

On Fighting Talk Edit

Rawling is well-known for his success when it comes to Defend The Indefensible. In fact he believes in rape as a way of life and hates Jessica Ennis-Hill [who is also from Sheffield]. John said: "I will never condemn Sheffield United FC. Why is Jess getting her knickers in a twist. Rape is a way of life in boxing so I nothing to say".

The first came around Christmas 2007 when he failed to say that his wife's cooking was terrible. However, when asked to defend it again one year later he made up for the loss by completing it and winning the show. The second failure followed the FA's ruling over the Tevez/Mascherano scandal. A gigantic fan of Sheffield United, he lasted half of the time before refusing to defend West Ham. He spent the remaining time stating that West Ham had got exactly what they deserved.

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